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About the show

Sunday Punchline is a mixed-function comedy night ; part open mic, part booked show, all free to attend! No more bugging your friends and fans to come check out your set at the cost of a door charge and two drink minimum!

Audiences get a free comedy show to go with their food and drinks, performers get not only a shot to perfect their material in front of a room, but a chance to work with veteran comics and grow as they work. What’s in it for the venue? Consistent sales, community and increased name recognition. The best way to organically grow your venues brand recognition is by letting people see, firsthand, why they should be choosing your location as a place to meet friends,  dates, or colleagues. In the year we spent at our prior location, the feedback from management was clear: people were coming back on nights that weren’t ours, because of the experience they had at our show.

Performer Guidelines

Honestly, we want this to be a good time for all involved, so we try to keep to one rule:

Don’t Be A Dick.

Being a dick can include:

Going over your time – You’ll get a light when have one minute left. Please have a good feel for how long your set is and try not to eat into the other performers’ time by hogging the mic.

Punching Down – This event is an inclusive space for all comics, and all comics includes people who maybe don’t need to go on after someone who just verbally dehumanized them.

Sexism, Racism, Ableism, Transphobia, Homophobia, or other hateful content are not, despite what your favorite podcaster/youtuber says, new or interesting trails to blaze and, in addition to not being funny, are not welcome at our mic. Being a dick also means: heckling/talking over the performers, harassing staff or guests of the venue, or anything else that reduces the quality of experience by those sharing the space. Can’t keep[ it professional? That’s fine, just do it somewhere else.


Q: What is Sunday Punchline?

A:  Sunday Punchline is a mix of open mic and premiere comedy showcase. Each week’s event will have a seasoned headliner, feature and special performance from last week’s set of the night, which is selected from the open mic performers of the week before. We’re a fun, inclusive and safe place to work out your material, and we want to help however we can.

Q: This is LA, everything’s overpriced, so how much is this going to cost me?

A: Nothing, but if you could buy a drink or something to eat while you’re here, that helps us justify our existence to management!

Q: What are the guidelines I should keep in mind?

A: Honestly, we want this to be a good time for all involved, so we try to keep to one rule: Don’t Be A Dick.

Not sure what that means? See our Performer Guidelines above.

Q: Hey, I scheduled a slot for this week’s show but can’t make it... What should I do?

A: Please reach out to the promoter by 3pm on the day of the show. We do ask our sign-ups to check in, but if you know you can’t make it, we’ll be able to open up your time slot and allow another performer a shot at it.


Formerly at Mrs. Robinsons in Toluca Lake

New Location Announcement Soon


Inquiries may be sent to

please allow 2-3 days response time